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The Journey

" The Journey ", Pen & Ink, 19" x 24", 2020

Back in September 11, 2021, While working at the Las Vegas Artist's Guild Gallery, I gotten a call from the other Gallery in Boulder City where I also exhibiting my works. The Gallery there informed me that " The Journey" was sold, and make this as being my first large piece ever sold at the price I was asking for since I joined the Boulder City Art Guild. In fact, this pen & ink drawing was the first one I did at a event with both Art Guilds Known as the Artist's in Action and Art Expo.

I started working on this drawing in the summer of 2019 for the Artist's in Action and was still working on this well into the next event with the Art Expo. I had people come by my booth to watched me work on this piece and they comment how Beautiful the work is along with other works I had displayed at these events. In the following year when the pandemic began, I finished this work on May 15, 2020, and at the Artist's in Action, I displayed it framed as seen above.

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