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Starting Point of My Style

" Child of the Leaves", Acrylic, 8 1/2 '' x 11", 1992

This painting I did during summer of 1992, was one of many started out in this early stage which will evently lead to my current style of today. This development of my style of art came about while I was in high school; in fact, it was an assignment from my art instructor that we have to create an art work base on a style of the master’s as such Cubism, Impressionism, and Surrealist. The style I choose to use was cubism. When I did this assignment, my painting did not turn out to be cubism but it turn out to be more stained glass. I went with this style in most of my art by using simple colors in each separate design going from dark to lightest color. I used this same technique in my art for a short while until I learn to develop another technique which to take my style to the next level.

"Life", Acrylic, 15" x 20", 1995

"Sea of Whales", Water Colors, 14 1/2" x 19 1/2", 1995

Instead of using simple colors, I used a shading technique which make each shape appears to be three- dimensional. " Sea of Whales" done in watercolors, is the perfect example of this technique I applied for the first time in any of my works. Since then, I use this technique more often in other works using different media, including digital art. Only thing I had left to do is to figure out of what to call this style in my artwork. So, one day a good friend of mine I knew at church, took a look at my drawings and called the style Fractionalism.

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