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Digital Art : A New Way to Make My Art

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

I'm glad to say that I finished 4 different digital art this week before the New Year's Day, and it gave me an opportunity to experiment the effects on Adobe Photoshop Filter menu in my work. As a result, I like on how these effects work out in these works which I love very much. I'm planning on using these effects from on when I do my digital work this year and to experment with other tools in photoshop to get the effects that I wanted.

During my time studying art at University of North Carolina at Pembroke, I took a class in computer graphics where I was introduced to what we called CGI or refer to Digital Art. I was learning to use the programs as such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, but never to applied this method to produce my art until later on after I gradurate from the University. In the following year, I started produceing my first Digital Art in my style known as Fractionalism.

This is my first digital piece I did back in 2004, I draw the apples out in pencil and then scan in the image into the computer. The next step is I bring up the pencil drawing image in Illustrator, where I builded each part of the apple in layers using the gradient tool to get the shade tune effect of colors in my style. Once I was finished with this process, I group the shapes of the apple together ,and copy and paste the image in Photoshop as my finished piece as seen here title:

" Bushel of Apple", Digital,7" x 10", 2004

Over time, as I continue doing digital art, I made changes to the color on the gradient tool to get the effects which I'm looking for in each of my works. I was trying to break away of using black for the shade tune every time, but to using darker colors instead. Here are examples of my works, where I had done that.

'' Signs of Spring", Digital, 18.50" x 6 ", 2010

" Mother Nature", Digital, 12 3/4" x 8 3/8", 2010

" Lady of Spring", Digital, 18" x 10", 2021

Later on this year after I had finished " Lady of Spring", the current projects I was working on and had just finished before New Year's Day, like I had mention before, I started experiment with the effects in the filter menu on Illustrator to see how it will work with my style. Here's the most recent works I just finished with those effects that I used and liked very much.

" A Family Journey", Digital, 5" x 18.5", 2021

" Ancient Clay Mask", Digital, 9" x 12", 2021

" Ancient Patch Work Mask"

Digital, 9" x12", 2021

" Forgotten Tribal Mask"

Digital, 9" x12", 2021

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