Originally from Gulfport, Mississippi, spent most of his life in North Carolina.  He received his Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke in 2003. While there, his main concentration in studying art was mostly in painting, drawing, and art history.  He was also involved in other areas in art which included print making, graphic designs, sculpture, and pottery. During his course of study at the University, he was introduced to digital art along with traditional method of creating art. 

   Back in 2001, he worked for Body Billboards Inc as a silk screen cleaner in the production area.  A local Parks and recreation of Chapel Hill, NC was having a T-shirt design contest for all t-shirt companies in the area to enter, and his art, title “Apples” were chosen for the Apple Chill t-shirt.  In 2009, his digital art title “A Brother and His Sisters” were invited to be in a book with many other artist of an online art community, b-uncut called The Artist’s Diary. Years later, September 2017, he became an artist member at the art house of Las Vegas where his works is currently shown.

   He is best known for his unique style, his art which appears to be something like stain glass window.  He actually developed it while doing an assignment for a High School art class, it’s a cubism style.  He continued to draw in this style and has changed over the years, experimented with different techniques.   The name of his style Fractionalism came about in reference to a mathematical term by which someone saw in his work.